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Battery Radiograms

Alba 44 PM12 PM1HL PM22A
Chakophone All Battery RG PM1HF PM22
Fullotone 253 PM12A PM2DX PM2A
Goodwin Radiogram PM12 PM1HL PM22A
Yagerphone BG3 PM12 PM1HL PM22A
Amateur Wireless Your Home Radio Gram PM12/PM12A PM1HL PM2DX PM2/PM202
Modern Wireless The Mu-Gram PM12V PM1HL PM2DX PM2/PM202
Popular Wireless The PW Radio Gram PM12 PM1HL PM2A
Wireless Magazine The Economy Radio Gram PM12 PM1HL PM2DX PM2/PM202
Wireless Magazine The Harris Ethergram PM12V PM1HL PM22A
Wireless Magazine The New Style Battery Radio Gram PM1HL PM2A
Wireless Magazine The Words and Music Radio Gram PM12V PM12V PM1HL PM2A