Wartime Utility Radio

This set carries a label indicating it was made by KB, but there were no less than 46 radio manufacturers turning out these things from 1943. 

 My next door neighbour had one of these little radios and I was called in to repair it a couple of times maybe 10 years after the war had finished. The set was still going strong up to the point where a smoothing condenser had failed and the thing was humming loudly.

 Another neighbour heard of my success in restoring its operation and called me in to look at their pre-war table model set. Most of the time it was a case of swapping valves and I can recall to this day grasping a rather thin looking metal valve and painfully bashing the back of my hand on the case. The valve was a B7 based MPT4 "catkin", a valve from the mid 1930s whose anode was the exposed outer metal envelope and of course carrying HT. I'm sure I have one in my valve collection.


 A rear view showing the extra large label, possibly doubling as a user manual to save paper.



 All the sets covered just the medium waveband. The word "HOME" has rubbed off the markings on the lower left.





  To identify the manufacturer of a particular set with a "U" number refer to the table below.

All used four valves coded with a British Valve Association or "BVA" coding.

The possible numbers together with their codes and respective manufacturer's are as follows:-

V1 could be 274, 275 or 276 (GEC, Marconiphone or Mullard) eg ECH35

V2 could be 243, 246 or 247 (Ferranti, Mullard or STC) eg EF39

V3 could be 264, 265, 266 (GEC, Marconiphone or Mullard) eg EL33

V4 could be 211, 214, 215 or 216 (Cossor, GEC, Marconiphone or Mullard) eg DW/350

1 Bush 15 Felgate 31 Mains Radio Gramophones
2 Ekco 16 Hale Electrical 32 KB
3 Cossor 17 Halcyon 33 Roberts
4 HMV 18 Invicta 34 Radio Gramophone Development
4A Marconiphone 19 Lissen 35 RSC
5 Ferguson 20 McMichael 36 Beethoven
6 GEC 21 Philco 37 J.G.Graves
7 Murphy 22 Pilot 38 Aren
8 Philips 23 Plessey 39 N.H.Radio Products
9 Pye 24 Regentone 40 Ace
10 Ultra 25 R.M.Electric 41 Solectric
11 A.J.Balcombe 26 Decca 42 Whitley Electrical
12 Burndept 27 Dulci 43 Aerodyne
12A Vidor 28 R.N.Fitton 44 RAP
13 Central Equipment 29 Portadyne
14 Ferranti 30 Pamphonic


And here's the circuit diagram taked from Trader Sheet 688

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