R1132A Mechanical Refurbishment

 First a reminder of what the receiver looks like...


 The first step is to removed the front panel. Very few of the front panels of these WW2 receivers are in good condition, however all the main parts are present and the front should clean up nicely. The signwriting will pose a problem as it's not engraved.

It's turning out to be not easy. Each of the three round knobs is held in place by two Allen screws. These are very rusty and after using oil I was able to determine they are an imperial size of 7/64ths which is around 2.7mm or so. I found a suitable Allen key but was unable to shift any of the six screws. After trying really hard one of the knobs started to crack as the tapped insert began to turn so drilling them out is the only option. Once the knobs are detached and the slow motion drive uncoupled, the panel is held in place by only the nuts securing the pair of handles and the meter needs to be detached.

The perspex in the dial needs replacing as it's very cloudy.


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