Pye A39J/H Receiver

 This post war Pye from 1950 arrived at the Virtual Radio Museum many years ago and was consigned to storage pending time to clean it up. The case is in poor shape, there are some worm holes and the inside was thick with dust. When I was recently searching for an early Lotus set I came across this monster and struggled to return it from the workshop loft to daylight. It weighs about 15 Kgm or in old money about 40 pounds and is just too big to handle easily, however it has an interesting spec including a push-pull amplifier so I'm now working out the best way forward.

 After removing the worst of the dust you can see that it once suffered from damp by the corrosion on the aluminium cans, but it seems complete and was probably retired from use when a more modern smaller replacement turned up. Some of the original valves have been replaced. For example I can see a Marconi frequency changer with type too faint to read (why did they use grey writing on a grey metallic coating?) but from the shape, an X61M. The line up was probably once all Mullard types because of the link Pye-Philips-Mullard; an EF39 RF stage, ECH35 frequency changer, EF22 IF amp (why this B8B type I wonder when the others are International Octal?), EBC33 audio amp/detector/AVC (now a 6Q7GT), ECC35 audio amp/phase splitter (a Sylvania VT229 with the faint marking "6SL7GT" on the glass), a pair of EL33 output valves and an AZ31 rectifier.


 A very large dial, in keeping with the size of the set and with exciting-sounding names.


 The set's alignment is certainly aided by the location of these trimmers at the rear of the chassis.


 The label on the rear of the chassis gives the valve details.

Below, the circuit diagram, click it to see the details from Radio & Television Servicing


 I may tidy up the top of the set and drip some woodworm killer in the few holes before moving it. I decided to paint the black speaker fret because the old paint had gone very patchy and also to rub a wood dye over the case to improve the looks but I think I'll have to strip off the old finish and repolish the wood, but not today.

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