Pilot Model 53

 A pleasant enough looking radio from 1938. Not an exciting style but a nice clear dial and a relatively expensive case with its bevelling and inlays. I was presented with this set free of charge when I visited Bath to collect a very large and heavy Murphy A24.


 Here's a view of the chassis showing a standard selection of valves. Of course being from 1938 it's a superhet.


 Pilot made their own loudspeakers. This is a mains energised type. Thoughtfully the designers used a plug on the speaker wiring mating with a chassis-mounted socket behind the rectifier valve so the chassis can be removed easily for servicing.

I wonder why the term "Electro Dynamic Reproducer" is used rather than "Loudspeaker" ?


 A nce clear dial although the keen-eyed observer may notice that it's missing its pointer.



At the rear of the chassis you'll notice a couple of switches integrated into the gram and external speaker sockets.

Quite a clever design feature.


 The 1938 advertisement shows the reasonable price of the set, although relying on the 1930s stealth tax of pricing in guineas to catch the unobservant buyer as the true price is £11:0:6d. The old factory is long gone and a huge boring modern building stands in its place.



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