Low Voltage Power Supply

 This very impressive-looking low voltage power supply was given to me by my pal John McGowan. There's no obvious makers' name, but it came from the Royal Ordnance Factory at Blackburn.


 Circuitry is all germanium semiconductor with a pair of Mullard OC35 power transistors feeding the output. For a change the thing looks like it was designed to comfortably meet its 30 volt, 1 amp output rating. Some modern power supplies are a fraction of this size butneed a blower to keep them cool. The blue-coloured thing in the centre is a full-wave bridge rectifier. It smells of selenium but the four devices on brackets look like GEC germanium diodes and "GEX541" is written on the assembly. In keeping with the weighty transformer these diodes are rated at 80V and 10Amps.



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