Lissen Skyscraper 3


 This radio is not quite as old as its manufactured relatives because it was sold as a kit in 1933 when the former were extremely expensive.


 Three models were advertised, this being the Model 8013 without the wooden cabinet options.

The three valves left to right are:- Lissen PT225 pentode with a B4 base and side contact for G2 making it a 1929 valve, Mullard PM1HF triode, replacing the original HL2, and an SG215 pentode with screw top cap from 1931.


 A pretty well standard TRF design which no doubt used up lots of Lissen's components which were rapidly becoming old hat as superhet receivers took over from the earlier designs.


 No soldering meant virtually any head of the house could put the thing together straight from the box in which it arrived.


 By the date that this set was being sold, broadcast stations were soon to be allocated their own wavelengths meaning that manufacturers could market sets having dials marked with all sorts of exotic sounding names. I imagine the owner of this set soon got fed up with twiddling and bought himself one of the better looking and easier to manage models complete with built-in loudspeaker. My mother used to tell me the whole family wore headphones wired into these old sets. No problem hearing broadcasts but it was a common problem to forget the headphones and rush off to see who was visting when the doorbell rang resulting in the radio being dragged onto the floor much to the dismay of other listeners.

 A couple of adverts from 1933



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