KB Brandeset IIIA

 This radio was introduced by KB in January 1929 and as you can see has lost its front panel fittings.

This particular model had a roughly circular centre dial escutcheon and two circular dials for the other controls.

The centre control has two vertical edge operated circular knobs which protruded slightly through the escutcheon in which there was a third hole through which the dial numbers were visible.


 Not only its dial escutcheon, but most of its parts are absent! I suppose caveat emptor is the phrase that comes to mind. To the right of the dial, below should be a tuning coil. On the chassis should be a pair of similar interstage coupling transformers and two more valveholders.



 However, all is not lost because wrapped up inside were a few items enclosed in bubblewrap. The original valve line-up was a pair of Mullard PM1HF and a P220 output stage.








 Here's the collection of parts that were packed inside the case. Somewhat puzzling though as none seem to be the original parts. A Mullard PM2 in a nice box, but is it an expired example just packed in a new box? That was the usual practice, just in case the old valve wasn't entirely finished.

Next a Mullard PM1HL, and on its left a Marconi valve with the code "MX40" and "BVA 37" on the opposite side. I'm afraid this valve has no connection with the old KB radio because it's a pentagrid type with a 4 volt heater. The original valve might have been something like a 215SG tetrode with a 2 volt filament.


Opposite is an early rotary switch. Maybe a wavechange switch?






 Above... two labels on the inside of the rear wooden cover showing it was a commercially produced set rather than a kit of parts (that was when it was made of course because a kit of parts is what it is today!)

The second label is that of the set's retailer in Portsmouth.




This KB logo from 1929 was on the outside of the cover....






 I suspect that someone decided to refurbish this old set by initially dismantling it, then cleaning up the case and chassis then what I wonder?

Well... I probably bought it on Ebay where it was probably advertised as "missing some parts". I can't remember... but I don't think I'll be restoring it. Plenty of easier things to work on.

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