Murphy A186

 This set, made in 1951 in Welwyn cost just short of £30 which doesn't sound much nowadays, but represented a months wages for the working man. The family of a school friend of mine in Speke, Liverpool had one of these radios. They must have been comfortably off because a few years later they exchanged their second-hand 1937 Standard 10 for a brand new Wolseley 4-44 which cost around £730.



 Here's the circuit diagram (in two parts).

The valves are B8A-based apart from the Mazda-Octal based output valve, V4, a 6P25 and the 6M1 Magic Eye

Triode-heptode frequency changer V1 6C9, IF amplifier V2 6F15, Audio/detector & AGC, V3 6LD20. The rectifier V5 is a UU9.



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