Transit Case for a Four Square Equipment

 When I bought the Type 76 Receiver it came with a transit case and I recall the seller mentioning that the case had a hole in it which could be fixed by fitting a new base. The job was easy except that some of the screws needed cutting. Here are a few pictures. I'll paint the new base sometime.


 Doesn't look too bad here


 Carefully chosen picture


 Before tidying up


 View of the transit case from underneath


 New base panel fitted.


 Before and after

Because of water damage the screws were difficult to remove. The three in each of the steel corners came out after applying some freeing oil but the twelve screws holding the base were impossible to remove so I had to use a hacksaw. By cutting into the last layer of plywood at each corner it was possible to cut through the screws at the corners then gently lifting the base using a wide chisel popped it off.

Note that the sides of the box are fitted completely differently. To replace a side you would need a special tool to produce the joints, known as "Finger Joints", which can be made using a router. I have a pair of WW1 field telephones completey destroyed by woodworm and I bought a finger jointing tool from a firm in Detroit so I could make new boxes but other jobs have so far taken priority.... See what you think of these... If the transit box needed O-level woodwork, the telephone boxes are definitely A-level.


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