Wireless Set No 19 Component Tests

 Below is a table containing the 19 Set resistors, their marked values and resistance readings made with a digital resistance meter

You'll see that not all the WS19 resistors are included as some were not readily accessible and a few were shunted so the results were meaningless.

Mostly the resistors are of US design and manufacture but a few (470Kohm) looked British. The US made sets have a number of different resistor values to other sets; in the area dealing with the test meter and in place of some instances where the original design used paralled parts such as two 47Kohm replaced by a single 22Kohm plus, in a few instances, specific resistors are not fitted in the US sets.
Code Marked ohms Measured ohms Code Marked ohms Measured ohms Code Marked ohms Measured ohms
R1A 470K 543K R7G 27K 20K R19B 82K 121K
R1B 470K 590K R7J 100K 120K R20A 100 97
R1C 470K 460K R7K 100K 114K R21A 27K 26K
R1F 470K 564K R7L 100K 117K R23E 22K 31K
R2F 220 223 R8A 1M 1.2M R33A 22K 22K
R3B 270 750 R8B 1M 1.2M R34A 47K 49K
R4D 22K 61K R9A 1K 1.3K R34B 47K 51K
R5A 2.2K 3.1K R9B 1K 1.2K R37A 390 365
R5C 2.2K 2.7K R9D 1K 1K R39A 820 1150
R5D 2.2K 2.2K R10C 390 192    
R5E 2.2K 2.4K R11A 1K 1.2K R42B 10K 11.55K
R6B 47K 67K R11B 3.3K 4.9K R42C 10K 10K
R6D 47K 35K R12A 68K 137K R45A 22K 20K
R6F 47K 71K R15A 100K 154K R45B 22K 23.7K
R6G 47K 49K R15B 220K 130K
R6H 47K 47K R17A 3.9K 4.7K
R7C 100K 126K R18A 270K 99K
R7D 100K 135K R19A 82K 106K

 Results show that some resistors have certainly drifted high in the last 70 years, some quite dramatically so.

Some measurements seem to indicate a drop in resistance but this is probably due to shunting from other parts.


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