Wireless Set No.19 Power Supply

 I've had this item for many years. It was sitting on the floor in my workshop where it was placed when I got it from a customer in exchange for a repair, probably to his VCR?

It looked a bit nonedescript so I never bothered to look at it until today when I'd realised it was a 19 set power supply. I was a bit surprised to see a rotary transformer when I removed it's case as I'd imagined it had a mains transformer, but thinking a little more.. it has a 13 amp socket wired to a thick lead and I'd have expected a plug if it had a transformer. The 13 amp socket presumably carries the two HT leads and ground for a 19 set? The second thick lead is presumably the battery lead.

The identification plate seems to be missing but the dynamotor has the number SC814A in red and the message "Fungicide treated May 1944".

It looks like the smoothing capacitor has been disconnected so might have been frying?

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