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Shortcuts to the latest additions ....*** is most recent; LAST UPDATE September 15th 2018

 New acquisitions **

DST100 **

Another WS19 but a MkIII *

T1154 + Refurbishment + Commissioning

HQ170 + Alignment ***

Upgrading RAID to SSD **

Retiring? Bureaucracy **

RAID Trouble Fishy BT

Double your hard drive?

Windows 10 * Kabylake **

Low Productivity..... a reason? **

Our Bosch Dishwasher *

BT PRICE HIKE & Elec + Gas **

IKEA problems Lift controllers

Lost Administrator Rights?

Commissioning an R1155 **


R1147A Receiver *

Receiver Type 76 **

New capacitors for old condensers   **

RA17 Alignment

G3PIY Power Supply *

Government Surplus from 1949-1950 *

Radio Interference

A Ship-Shore Radio Problem *

Listening in on VLF

Measure your aerial's performance

Inside a ZC1 MkII Transceiver **

WW2 Filter Test

R1132A refurbishment *

R208 refurbishment ***

R206 (Introduction) *

R206 refurbishment (mechanical)*

R206 refurbishment (electrical)*


Fix your light bulb?

See a repair for a factory

What was HDRS? *

Would you like a new B2 for £5?

New R208 Pictures and Refurbishment***

Tool Checks ***

 AR77 Overhaul ..&..Alignment

 Radar Altimeter + R4187

Trawler Band Rx *

Overhaul of a Class D Wavemeter **

Grundig + Roberts R200

Marconi 219 + Philips 681A

Philips 341A + Ferguson 213RG

Hiwatt Amp + Mystery Set


A probe for equipment using valves

Practical power measurement *

Basic amplifier testing *

Network Cameras *

S/Wave converters*

Early Domestic Radios, new pictures **

Software Defined Radio **

Fixing a UPS ***

A 1920s & 30s junk box

and another

and yet another **

Delivery problems ***

 Sample a true story?

Duratool ZD-552 Repair ***

Internet Security *

 Wireless Ads 1914 1922 1924 1931

 Radio Cigarette Cards

Silent key:Tony Trigell

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